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Healthcare Analytics… track your key metrics

Healthcare organizations like yours are increasingly challenged to deliver high-quality patient care within tighter financial constraints and increasing regulatory requirements. This means managing large, fragmented pools of data from multiple financial and clinical systems to support rapid analysis.  eSENSE BI provides ACOs, physician groups, specialty practices, IPAs, hospitals and health systems a cloud-based healthcare analytics service.  This service easily harnesses healthcare data from existing systems for instant insight into clinical & financial information enabling rich visualizations, powerful data analysis capabilities and streamlined reporting.

eSENSE BI Healthcare Dashboard and Data Metrics



Healthcare BI… detailed insights, smarter decisions

Given the complexity of healthcare data management, the challenge is not only to organize and integrate fragmented, and sometimes inconsistent data, but also to provide the tools that support detailed data exploration and analysis.  eSENSE BI brings these details to life enabling fast drill-through analysis so you can interact with your data by timeframe, locations, specialties, procedures, payers, departments, financial class, providers or individual encounters… the details that provide the insight your stakeholders can easily understand and use.

eSENSE BI Healthcare Data Metrics



eSENSE BI Healthcare Analytics… zero technology footprint, fast deployment

eSENSE BI’s business requirements were designed by healthcare professionals to rapidly merge disparate data so that it can be easily visualized and analyzed in one place and from any device. Offered as a cloud solution with a zero-technology footprint, eSENSE BI combines a “try and buy” approach with a simple, low risk subscription fee pricing model.  Rapid deployment is achieved through a standard data onboarding and setup process, no technical training requirements and secure, role-based access.

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