Rapid on-boarding of customer healthcare data…

eSENSE BI uses a standard on-boarding checklist including all activities required to customize and brand dashboards, setup data metrics and reports, collect and load historical data from multiple systems, update timely data loads, setup user roles, assign security rights, as well as provide ongoing support and user training.  By rapidly on-boarding customer data as an on-demand subscription service with no software to install or manage, our solution enables clients to focus on what matters most – getting fast, actionable data analysis and business insight into to the key healthcare data metrics that optimize clinical, regulatory and financial performance.

eSENSE BI Healthcare Analytics Deployment


Healthcare analytics with a simple, low-risk pricing model…

eSENSE BI’s pricing policy starts with a free evaluation and is then based on 1) a one-time on-boarding fee to setup customer sites and load both historical data and update feeds and 2) a monthly subscription fee based on the number of providers or physicians whose data is being supported. This combines a “try and buy” approach with a simple, low cost pricing strategy that avoids large up-front expenditures and long-term contractual commitments. Fees include site setup, branding, historical data on-boarding, weekly updates of transactional data from multiple data sources, hosted site access, technical support and maintenance services.

eSENSE BI Healthcare Analytics Pricing


Healthcare BI with a zero technology footprint…

eSENSE BI is designed as a 100% cloud-based solution with a zero technology footprint based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services platform. This enables rapid, low-cost deployment to customers with secure access from any device or browser and one-click integration to Microsoft Office. On-premise or “hybrid” installations behind corporate firewalls are available if required.  Please contact us to discuss installation and pricing for this type of deployment.

eSENSE BI Healthcare Analytics Deployment